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The finest quality free range European bred Angus, Hereford cross cattle sourced from lush Victorian pastures and free from the addition of steroids and hormone growth promotants. Our range consists of.

Grass fed yearling​ Rump and loin​
Grain fed yearling Rib plate
Steer Beef butt
Hind quarter Hanging rump
Forequarter Hanging T-bone
Short cut forequarter Hindquarter flank


Our first grade lambs are sourced from the lush paddocks of Tasmania and the green meadows alongside the Barwon River and offers a superior, non-genetically engineered, wholesome, Australian grown and owned product. Lamb carcass weights range from 16 to 24 kg. Weight, body shape and fat score is your choice and we pick accordingly.

First grade trade lamb​ First grade trade lamb​
No2. Lamb Saddles
No3. lamb Flaps
Hindquarter Loins
Legs Racks
Trunks Flap off saddle


Our stall friendly, lifestyle pen bred pork is obtained with the highest regard to animal equality, well-being and strict environmental requirements providing an overall superior and sustainable product. Pork carcass weights range from 50kg to 65kg for trade porkers and 65kg to 90kg for split bacon pigs. Weight, body shape and fat score is your choice and we pick accordingly.

Trade porkers​ Legs​
Bacon pigs Barrels
Hindquarters Trunks
Forequarters Spit pigs from 7kg – 39kg


At royal we believe variety is the spice of life and we choose to cater for everyone from offal’s to game meats and selected poultry lines always in stock and readily available.

Lamb liver, heart and kidney thermo packed Wild Rabbits
Beef liver, heart and kidney Ox tail
Venison topside Beef cheek
Various lamb, beef and pork bones Tripe – honeycomb, omasum and lamb
Veal Beef and lamb tongue
Goat Lamb brains and sweetbreads
And a wide variety of other products

For further information, contact one of our team members who will be pleased to 'Meat' your requirements.